Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers

Author(s): Stanley J. Farlow
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Publisher: Dover City:
Year: 1993 Edition:
Language: English Pages: 214
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This highly useful text for students and professionals working in the applied sciences shows how to formulate and solve partial differential equations. Realistic, practical coverage of diffusion-type problems, hyperbolic-type problems, elliptic-type problems and numerical and approximate methods. Suggestions for further reading. Solution guide available upon request. 1982 edition.

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Author(s): Stanley J. Farlow, Mathematics
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Publisher: Dover Publications City:
Year: 1993 Edition: Reprint
Language: English Pages: 414
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Most physical phenomena, whether in the domain of fluid dynamics, electricity, magnetism, mechanics, optics, or heat flow, can be described in general by partial differential equations. Indeed, such equations are crucial to mathematical physics. Although simplifications can be made that reduce these equations to ordinary differential equations, nevertheless the complete description of physical systems resides in the general area of partial differential equations.
This highly useful text shows the reader how to formulate a partial differential equation from the physical problem (constructing the mathematical model) and how to solve the equation (along with initial and boundary conditions). Written for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, as well as professionals working in the applied sciences, this clearly written book offers realistic, practical coverage of diffusion-type problems, hyperbolic-type problems, elliptic-type problems, and numerical and approximate methods. Each chapter contains a selection of relevant problems (answers are provided) and suggestions for further reading.